My Large Color pencil portrait series

My Large Color pencil portrait series
It took me 3 years to draw all of them with color pencils on paper
Why do I repost my art? :
It could be as simple as : dont have anything to post so il just share some more of my old work.
But there is so much more to it ( at least for me ) . I very careful to post always the best and the newest work that i create ( without spamming everyone feed ) – with something that people would like to see and enjoy . Although i think im doing good work pretty much daily i still do have my favorite work that im most proud of – in this case it would be the large realistic family portraits series that i have done.
All the social pages are designed today to feature the newest work – and all the work that im most proud of gets berried deep down in the feed where almost no one sees it anymore ( speaking as a user my self , i rarely scroll longer than 50-80 posts in a new profile that i discover ) And as everyone knows ; people who are active online get more and more followers -including me- so all the new followers would never see the old content if i would no re share it .
I do so many different mediums and all kinds of projects that i would like to show everything. But what i would like to be remembered by are the things im most proud of – thats why i reshare my art =) During all these years i have been sharing tons and tons of my art but also all the ideas i have about the things i create/ and the world surrounding art. I think thats a important part of my artistic journey . because that way i feel more connected with all of you lovely people =D

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