Okay, my big news!!!
Although this may not be “huge” for some, for me, it’s a pretty big milestone.
You are now OFFICIALLY looking at the first spandex-clad CEO that I’ve ever worked for
Yup, ME! ‍♀️
Just wrapped up the FINAL few pieces of paperwork to become FLY Fitness, INCORPORATED & have myself now listed as “CEO” in the eyes of the IRS #IsThisRealLife #OfficiallySelfEmployed ✨
I even get my first paycheck from MYSELF from my brand new payroll system tomorrow and the best part about it?? I pretty much did it all by myself Not sure if that’s awesome or frightening #WTFisABylawAnyway
But the truth is I knew NOTHING about running a business or using social media, let alone being a MF CEO when I started this 3 years ago. But I believe NOW more than ever, everything in life is figure-out-able if you have the passion & drive to achieve your goals
Who woulda thunk that a year from leaving my big fancy corporate job, I’d actually become an official CEO! I guess you really can be successful using social media instead of climbing the corporate ladder ‍♀️
Now, I gotta get back to work before my boss sees me posting this ✌ #Jk #IAmTheBossOfMe

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