Omg, omg, omg
I just read a comment on a post and the person said to someone else “delete your life bitch”
I’m dying laughing over here. Really? Delete your life? Daaaammmmnnn. Where do people come up with this.
Sidenote: this comment was not someone just being mean to some innocent soul out of nowhere. These were 2 Internet thugs just talking shit to one another. People who have no real life but be on social media arguing about someone else’s life who they don’t even personally know. So in that context, the comment “delete your life” was just friggin funny to me.

5 thoughts on “Omg

  1. Yeah. Not cool or funny at all. Too many bullies out there. And not everyone strong enough to tell them to F off.

  2. You guys it’s okay, these were 2 people talking crazy to each other on someone else’s post as these crazy folks do. It wasnt a threat to some innocent person. This is why it was funny as hell as a comment. It wasnt someone just saying it on a post to make someone think to really kill themself. Just keyboard thugs talking shit to each other.

    1. Thanks for clarifying Nicole. I should have known better. Since I know you are a kind hearted soul. #mybad

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