One day

One day, 3 men died and went to heaven. “Religion?” God’s secretary asked the first man.
“Jewish,” the man replied.
“Okay, go to room 23, but be very quiet when you go past room 8,” the secretary said.
“Religion?” he asked the second man.
“Go to room 10, but be very quiet when you go past room 8.”
“Religion?” he asked the third man.
“Go to room 71, but be very quiet when you go past room 8.”
“Why must I be quiet when I go past room 8?” the man asked.
The secretary replied, “Oh, the Catholics are in room 8, and they think that they are they are the only ones here.”

12 thoughts on “One day

    1. I don’t care for pit bulls, but that doesn’t make me wish there were no such things as dogs…

  1. No offense intended, but the infallible mark of the bigot is “They’re all alike.” No, they’re not. I’ve often said that there’s actually no such thing as “religion” — there are only _religions_, and there is no belief, practice, teaching or attitude that is common to them all. It’s also worth noting that “destroying the exception” is a formal logical fallacy….

  2. Charles Henderson Norman I think the one exception to “that there is no belief/practice/teaching, etc that is common to them all” is that each thinks it/they have the “truth” and everyone else is wrong.

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