Our National Anthem

Our National Anthem
As I reflect today on the horror that was 911 (on this, the 15 year anniversary), I also think of the people who paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom – the courageous men and women of our armed services. As far as I’m concerned, this also includes law enforcement, fire, medical and anyone who puts themselves in harms way to protect and serve.
Today is also Sunday. Observed by many as a Holy Day for most religions. It is also the first Sunday of the NFL football season. In stadiums all across our great nation – our National Anthem will take on great significance today. The overwhelming majority of American’s will observe and honor all who have sacrificed and served by standing at attention in a solemn gesture of support.
Still, there will be some who will sit or kneel in a selfish defiance to express their disappointment and protest. While I don’t wish to hash out the conversation that has been debated at nauseum – I would like to begin a discussion on another matter.
So let’s assume many more will swim upstream and sit during our National Anthem. Let’s also assume that others will support it as their 1st Amendment right to Freedom of Speech. Okay. Fine!
So what happens when the trend suddenly becomes the changing of the words to our National Anthem? What happens when someone inserts the words “Black Lives Matter”, “social injustice” or references police brutality and/or vulgarity?
I feel it’s only a matter of time and this will happen. Of course, I hope to God I am wrong . . . but the direction of our morally bankrupt country that is void of common sense tells me it’s inevitable. So, what then? Will the same people support vulgarity or lyric changes to our National Anthem the same way they support sitting down? Is it different?
When will we eventually say “enough is enough” and we won’t stand for selfish acts of protest that spit in the face of our morals, values and common sense standards? There shouldn’t have to be a law to stand for our National Anthem. There shouldn’t have to be a law that protects common sense standards of decency – especially where it pertains to being patriotic. It should just be a given. An unspoken rule.
So what happens when the lyrics of the National Anthem are altered? What then? Where do we (as a society) draw the line? How do we draw the line? Should there be consequences? Will we demand them, debate them or simply accept them?
Those are my thoughts for tonight. God Bless all who have sacrificed and continue to protect and serve. <3

5 thoughts on “Our National Anthem

  1. the guy that implodes the old casinos in Las Vegas, saw the film of the planes hitting the buildings, and said that is not the way they would have come down from that kind of force

  2. I’m curious what you think of BLM shutting down freeways with their protests? And if you think an individual sitting quietly through the anthem is a better or worse protest.

    1. I am all for peaceful protests. Not a big fan of protests that affect the lives of others (like shutting down a freeway). That, in my opinion, is selfish. That said, I understand the right to sit during the National Anthem. It’s not criminal, it’s just ignorant.

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