Our Shopping afternoon in Kenya

Our Shopping afternoon in Kenya.
1. Public shared Tuk-tuk to shopping centre #1. Cost .20 cents each.
L loves sitting with driver!
2. Buy mobile roaming for phone ( to backup dodgy internet) but credit card wont work in shop.
3. Tuk-tuk to supermarket #2 (budget shop)
4. Man charges me on credit card $400 for $40 shop but instead of voiding transaction he refunds causing card fees of $8 to me ( I confess I was not the model citizen and got VERY cranky because I asked him 5 times to cancel not refund and now we wait up to 9 days for refund here and it leaves me out of pocket.
5. Walk with ‘golden’ groceries to supermarket #3
Meet people we know. Strange we are befriending locals and chatting at the shops (note to self to dress for shopping).
6. Home in tuk-tuk but still missing lots of needed food so will go to supermarket #4 and #5 on Monday.
7. Start to cook and all pots going and the power goes out and I nearly catch fire!
Thank goodness they switch on generator.
That ends my day….

11 thoughts on “Our Shopping afternoon in Kenya

  1. Love your “Day in the life” posts. Such reminders of here. Except no riders allowed in front of Tuk Tuk.

  2. BTW – It will take about 9 days for the money to get back into my account – this is the 3rd time this has happened in 2 weeks because they do not know how to use the machines, and also a lot of the staff can’t add up without a calculator! It is sad, but it is annoying. I repeatedly asked him NOT to refund but to cancel. YIKES.

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