Pick a number (or more) that best describes you

Pick a number (or more) that best describes you.
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✳️1. A mommy, mommy to be, or just anyone wanting to get rid of stretch marks or prevent them
✳️2. Someone who want to lose 10+ pound in as little as 3 months
✳️3. Some who wants to grow their hair and nails out
✳️4. Someone who wants help focusing or managing stress
✳️5. Someone who sometimes eats unhealthy and doesn’t want to gain weight
✳️6. Someone who wants to diminish cellulite
✳️7. Someone who has acne and wants clear skin
✳️8. Someone who wants to get rid of bags or puffiness under eyes
✳️9. Someone who wants more fruit and veggies in their life and to boost their immune system
✳️10. Someone who wants to do a cleanse and a detox
✳️11. Someone who wants to earn an extra $200-$500 a month

Happy “44th” Birthdayyy Hun Ray Ruiz

Happy “44th” Birthdayyy Hun Ray Ruiz!! I already wispered & sang “Happy Birthdayyy to you and I love you”, early this morning in your ear. 🙂 <3 , I wanted to say, thank you God that you, Ray, were born and that He saved your life and you have blessed our families lives too. Every day is new with you... like the sunsets and full moon views that we share together. This pic is of a beautiful sunset from our first evening together... on your Bday/Labor day weekend. I pray that God keeps me grateful. I love you always. Love, Mia

You may be half my size

You may be half my size.
You may be bigger than me one day.
But right now, I cherish holding you.
I would go through deep waters for you. i would face giants on your behalf. I would take on armies for you.
But none of those things are possible.
What I can do is bring you to the feet of your creator. Each and every day. I can place you in His hands and leave you there because I know His plans for you outweigh my own. I can trust Him with growing the Spirit within you.
So that’s what I’ll do.
As you grow, I will carry you to the one who can carry you all the days of your life.
And I’ll leave you there in His presence.
Because you sweet boy were created to carry His Spirit upon this broken world
#LeviJoseph #CarrierOfHisPresence #mcm

Sibusiso Kotelo

Sibusiso Kotelo
We took home another Super Heavyweight 1st place trophy at SA champs. For the first time since your transformation you were pushed and tested in your division, but you dug your heels in, you showed the whole country you are here to stay and this division, your division, and your title will not be relinquished and you are here to stay.
I want to thank you for your unwavering commitment to your goals, to me as your coach and most importantly to our team and for the love and loyalty you show everyone in it. I want to thank you for proving to me how much you love this game and for the unparalleled level of discipline and relentless work ethic. I want to thank you for reiterating to me why I am in this profession and why I do what I do.
You are an asset to myself and the STS team, and although that overalls trophy alluded us once more this year, that and nothing else will extinguish that burning fire you have in you to show everyone what you have to bring, or how badly you want to make that trophy or this whole sport yours to own.
You have unbelievable genes, shape and structure. However, more so than any of those you have a thirst for success in this game that not even I can comprehend. This alone is why you will be successful, this alone is why one day you will be Numero Uno.
You are an incredible Bodybuilder, athlete, affiliate and ambassador for my brand, but above all else you are a wonderful man.
“His payoff is the smile he sees on your face after you have reached your goal. His drive are the tears you cry because you want it so bad, knowing that he had that feeling inside him too. Make him proud and never give less than your best. You both deserve it.”

Thinking about #DACA and #LaborDay

Thinking about #DACA and #LaborDay.
Thinking that this day was fought for and won by first generations of #immigrants who put value into one version of #theamericandream: the rights for fair labor (capped hours and weekends to touch on the most obvious) and fair labor wages. A number of those immigrants would today be identified today as DACA.
Thinking about how Labor Day was born by #Radicals, some of whom I hold close and dear to me, particularly my grandma, #BellaKaplow. Thinking about the differentiation between #labor and #capitalism and that what this day holds is the possibility for all to work and have a #safehome, a #healthyfamily, a #strongeducation and a #thrivingculture.
Thinking that one way to honor this day for those #notlaboring is to figure out what we can do to support our #Dreamers.
Would love if you would share what you learn in the comments below.

Diabetes is caused by hunger

Diabetes is caused by hunger
Insulin is the key to opening the glucose channel on the cell membrane in the metabolism of glucose. It is produced by pancreatic cells in our body’s pancreas. To make the islet cells to produce enough normal insulin, nutritional ingredients must be adequate for the supply of islet cell balance. These nutrients are raw materials that islet cells need, and the raw material of insulin synthesis of islet cells.
Rice, as the staple food, is rich in sugar, containing less mineral trace elements and vitamins. Mineral trace elements and vitamins have lost in the process. As full people are, they acquire tiny mineral trace elements and vitamins. Thus the islet cells are in the sate of hunger, which is called latent hunger that we have no subjective feeling. To sum up, diabetes is caused by hunger.
Due to the lack of sufficient amount of nutrients in your body, islet cells can not synthesize normal insulin, producing defective insulin. Therefore, it can not be timely and effective to open the glucose channel on the cell membrane. Glucose is not able to enter the cell to provide enough energy to the cells, so man feels weak, with a poor regulation of blood glucose leading to high blood glucose levels.

I’m thinking I’d like to see a tribe of angry

I’m thinking I’d like to see a tribe of angry, middle aged ‘invisible’ women take over Washington DC in a ‘Million MENOPAUSAL March’ – Somebody needs to organize it, and send me a Facebook invite.
I also think we should all carry metal pitchforks and witchy brooms, and I’d personally go with Devil Horns, rather than pink pussy hats, but it shouldn’t be an official requirement.
I’m free on most weekends.
We can have a big sit-in, but instead of peaceful meditation, we can have all have a huge Group-Hot-Flash, and burn down the establishment.
It’s way more cost effective than tiki torches.
(Spontaneous Combustion ISN’T Illegal. I’ve already Googled it.)
Due to having saggy boobs, I suggest we replace Bra Burning with Tampon Torching…
Heavy smokers, with red hair, should be especially encouraged to attend…
Maybe the liquor company that makes Fireball will sponsor us…
We’ll be a HOT-Flash-Mob…
Anyone saying ‘older women aren’t hot’ needs to take a science class.
Oh, someone needs to put that in our list of official demands!
And, please find out if Drew Barrymore is skipping her periods… If so, she can lead the March, and we can all carry signs with her child face, surrounded by flames, from her 80s film ‘Firestarter’, which is so totally and so obviously a movie about early onset menopause… Think about it.
Female firefighters can lip-sink to Def Leopard’s Pyromania… and Donna Summer’s Hot Stuff, as we all dance naked around a bonfire.
But, nudity shouldn’t be a requirement… Shirts that say ‘Disco Inferno’ would probably qualify as Age Appropriate… And I feel like we’d obviously have to all agree to chant ‘Burn Baby, Burn’, so that we don’t look crazy… But, I’m totally open to suggestions.
I’ve got a BURNING desire to take the Feminist Flame Wars OFF of the Internet.
Let’s show this administration what ‘Fired’ really means…
Inbox me the Date…
Good morning!

My music video makes its festival premiere **this Saturday

My music video makes its festival premiere **this Saturday!** at the Coney Island Film Festival. Come support new film and music (the program is almost evenly split between female & male directors) and walk on the beach with us while it’s still beautiful. ☀️ $8 tickets available here: https://goo.gl/4rb3tu
Info: Coney Island Film Festival – Music Video Screening! Join Us!
Director: Chesher Cat Photography
Casting: JPA / Jennifer Peralta-Ajemian
Actors: Adrianna Mateo, Nate Washburn
Assistants: Emily Rosa, Amelia Grace

Music Production: Rich DeCicco
Guitar: Adam Bilchik
Bass: Laiyona Yoko Nakahashi

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Feelings from today’s Kai :tender

Feelings from today’s Kai :tender, soft, opened , in awe, extremely grateful, playful and connected …. sensations: wholeness, tingles, sweaty, freedom in neck, tall. Images : hats, ribbon arms, shoulder animals, sword, heavy to light feet, being blown in wind, giraffe necks……all in one hour with imagination and expanded joy as our theme. Tingles head to toe. This …. this has the power to do some very good things in our world. One body/brain at a time. . Believe. Dream. Imagine.

There was a time when I fell off the belief train

There was a time when I fell off the belief train. Everything was going wrong in my life. There were walls and hurdles everywhere. And instead of believing and trying, I quit. I cried and started blaming everything in my life.
Years went by before i stumbled onto a Coworker that suggested I see a priest of the same background as me but different culture. I met this man who was very to the point and my new journey began. Since 1991, I have swayed a little bit have never completely fallen or given up again. #MyDailyAffirmation