“Pray Together

“Pray Together
During one of my marriage preparation meetings with the priest, father asked me and my fiancee if we prayed together. He said that most couples are willing to be naked with each other, but are too ashamed to stand before the Lord in prayer.
Adam and Eve hid themselves in the garden after they sinned so the best way to recover from sin is by standing before the Lord and praying.
My fiancée and I pray together each day. It has kept us chaste throughout dating relationship and even in our engagement. We call each other every morning to pray our morning prayers together. When we see each other, we always greet each other with a kiss and then three Hail Mary’s asking for chastity. Before we leave each other at night, we stand before the crucifix and pray whatever comes to the heart (you don’t always need to pray using a formula prayer like the Hail Mary). We make it a point to attend Mass together on Sunday and pray the Rosary together.
Prayer is a powerful tool to heal a relationship damaged by sexual sin. And in healing your relationship, you are setting the groundwork for a solid future and holy relationship.”

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