PSA: Now that I have some down time

PSA: Now that I have some down time… Just wanted to take note of something I’ve been noticing a theme of lately (you know when I see more than…ohhhhh 20 people displaying the same quirk, it’s time)… mind your own business. The best lesson Chimene Loncher ever taught me was: if I’m worried about what so’n’so is doing, or what they think of me, I’m not focusing on myself. It’s none of your concern what anyone else is doing or if they think you’re an asshole or not (maybe you are?). The energy you’re putting into them or the energy you’re using to make them like you….wasted and takes away from your main goal. Yourself, your family, your job/business. Get back on your own side of the fence and cut your own grass. It’ll look better and you’ll enjoy what’s right in front of you. Have a beautiful day!!!

16 thoughts on “PSA: Now that I have some down time

    1. Sweet lol I was tempted to post the eye on your own ball article but didn’t have the morning gumption to dig for it lol

  1. it’s the people who see you hurting yourself or your family or close friends are the people who care about you the most! the people who don’t, don’t care!

    1. and never forget it! if you’re hitting your head with a hammer some people won’t take the hammer away from you. realize who those people are!

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