Re-entry after 10 amazing days in the wilderness, and in the most social-intimate immersion for me in years, verklempt but must go on to:
all the mess and chores I left;
my notebook open, a pen close by, a blank page gaping;
desert willow my love is blooming, and Mt Lemmon is calling…
And then there’s this: part of my job as a translator of encyclopedia articles is to check and transfer translated quotations and references. In layman’s terms, this equates to hunting for needles in haystacks. Lacking a university affiliation right now, I’m endeavoring to obtain all these references through the Tucson public library system. Of course my ten-day absence caused some overdues and some “maybe too late to pick up”s. The librarian who helped me was like a bigger version of me (olive skin/green eyes) in a hijab, and together we processed these several books, most of which were very obviously to do with Jewish history. Such an odd moment–our kinship, our shared focus on the power of the book, our distance from notional homeland, the kinship despite those little overt markers of Muslim/Jew…

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  1. Ela, it was such a wonderful thing to re-connect with you at Eden. I hope we will have a chance to cross paths again. <3

    1. Likewise, and so very much so. I truly admire and adore what you and Sam are doing, and Michael, and many of my wonderful cohorts. Praying that I’ll find my own niche within it all at some point…

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