Remember this name: Christian Gutierrez

Remember this name: Christian Gutierrez. On Thursday he will be sentenced for the massacre of innocent nesting albatross. He and his buddies hiked for miles, carried a baseball bat and a machete, then killed for hours. He took photos. They bragged about their exploits on social media. Mr. Gutierrez’s attorney says the privileged Punahou grad and NYU student has a bright future and should not be subjected to imprisonment. What do you think? Send a note to Janice Futa, the Prosecuting Attorney, to tell her how you feel. Today or tomorrow, latest.

29 thoughts on “Remember this name: Christian Gutierrez

    1. That detail has not been in the news. It’s hard to imagine a camp-out with young men that did not feature some kind of substance

    1. The prosecutor’s office took a field trip. The judge did not, to my knowledge. I invited her here to Kauai to visit a colony and her staff told me she couldn’t do anything that would make it look like she was showing favoritism

  1. I think it important to know why he killed these birds and deal with that. Jailing him won’t necessarily stop him repeating his actions.

    1. But that’s exactly the reaction that tends to keep this syndrome of revenge alive … Stopping that reaction is what will save lives.

  2. Sounds like it was premeditated murder. If it were humans he slaughtered, his future would be behind bars for a long long time.

    1. next time maybe it will be, serial killers often start as animal abusers, and what these guys did is beyond the pale

  3. The latest news: sentencing has been postponed until early July. I am told this “continuance” is common, but the public rarely knows because the cases rarely draw this kind of attention. The prosecutor’s office assures me that sentencing will occur.

    1. I received a reply this morning from Chuck Parker at the Honolulu prosecutor’s office, thanking me for sending my comments and for my compassion in the matter. The state judge will determine the sentence; sentencing hearing has been re-scheduled for July 6th.

  4. A continuance may work in our favour. More time to drum up vocal opposition to “no jail time” for this creep.

    1. Not for the adult birds bludgeoned, shot and cut up. Nor for the chicks smashed in their shells. Nor for the generations lost because of ancestors slaughtered.

  5. Received notice from the Prosecuting Attorneyʻs office that his court date has been continued to July 6. I wonder why. To those who havenʻt yet submitted testimony, please do so! Mahalo!

    1. The prosecutor’s office told me that “continuances” are common, but that that this one has been noticed because rarely is a case followed so closely by the public

  6. Update: one reason for the delay is that Mr Gutierrez and his attorney are trying to get a Victim Impact Statement thrown out. They do not want to know about the years of resources that went into the Ka’ena Point sanctuary, nor that albatross are 8-10 years old before they start families, and can have only one egg per year max, or how many future birds have been killed by the massacre of at least 15 adults and 17 chicks still in their shells, nor that he has caused tremendous human anguish. He may think he can walk away from this unscathed, but he will not. Ask the Ancient Mariner how that worked for him. And he only shot one bird. Sally Anderson

    1. Hob Osterlund Do you have any insight into whether the effort to throw out the VIS will hold water, against the large public affirmation that in fact the “years of resources that went into the Ka’ena Point sanctuary” and “that albatross are 8-10 years old before they start families, and can have only one egg per year max, or how many future birds have been killed by the massacre of at least 15 adults and 17 chicks still in their shells” make a difference, in this case?

  7. To my experience, no drug can explain away the (and especially apparently premeditated, let’s not forget) urge to violence on a field of innocent animals, given that these guys probably didn’t have PTSD horrors or other abuses they were contending with / acting out on. Then there’s the fact of their later — not on the same night — going to a party and parading the foot trophies. And the FB postings. This was prolonged sadism / attention-getting. Anyone know of a drug that can be blamed for this combination of continued atrocities and sick pride outside of the drug of war or need to survive?

  8. There are some unpredictable dynamics that I don’t know enough about to answer that. I truly hope the judge overrules the motion. The VIS will be highly credible. They all know we are watching this. The longer this drags out, the more people know about it. Mahalo for your attention to this case, Sally Anderson

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