SCAM of the day

SCAM of the day – Is he nuts????
“Good day, Please we need your current home address and telephone number to
enable us start sending your USD $2.5m to you as we were instructed
by IMF
to send you $5000.00 each day till the whole amount USD $2.5m is
Call Dr Solomon Ebere now and ask him to give you MTCN and every other
information you need to pick up your $5000.00 today. Here is what he may
require from you.
Your Receiver name———–
Your Country——————-
Your City———————–
Your Phone No—————–
Your Id————————-
Your Gender——————–
Forward the information here ( Or Call Dr Solomon
On tele phone @ +229-66546012
Barr Chris Olis

21 thoughts on “SCAM of the day

  1. I just posted today’s scam – the one above Ireceived the same email from 4 different people. I must be on the SCAMMERS hit list

  2. At least you don’t get threatening calls from the “IRS” demanding payment of back taxes (that you don’t owe). Now that’s a scam!

    1. Ruth Heather Johnston especially when they call so often. They have been successful in scamming a lot of older people out of thousands of dollars.

    2. Ruth Heather Johnston and they can’t catch them. They are off shore and you can’t trace the phone numbers because they are Skype numbers and can be quickly canceled. They trick their prey into getting gift cards to pay for their taxes which to most of us would be suspicious but to gullible people it isn’t.

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