Shout out to Denver Mattress in Columbia today

Shout out to Denver Mattress in Columbia today! If you need a mattress they have incredible customer service and great prices!
We went in looking for a top bunk mattress and were complaining about the mattress we chose for the bottom bunk. We wished we splurged a little more. I never read the fine print, but our salesperson Cory who helped up reminded us we were still under our year warranty and could trade in for an upgrade! He didn’t have to inform us of this and we were very grateful and left with confidence we will be shopping there again! Need a mattress, go see them!

6 thoughts on “Shout out to Denver Mattress in Columbia today

    1. Ha, it was a last minute decision to go mattress shopping and was too close to lunch time…some of us were getting hangry

  1. That’s where we get all of our mattresses! We had to trade in ours 3 times before we got it right! The kids love theirs, and you don’t have to spend a fortune to get something really comfortable and high quality.

  2. All our mattress are from there too! How I never knew of the year warranty…I guess we have always been happy with our choices until the last one. And they have great rewards for returning customers too!

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