So excellently written

So excellently written. Please read. I hope my friends see that this is the best time to talk about this. Everytime we hit a wall, lets address it, so that we can all climb together.
I’ve been thinking hard about this. I have the same conclusion – most Singaporeans are simply ignorant of such thing as cultural heritage.
This is the product of the message of ‘Nation first’ being followed dogmatically and not thought out individually.
Not all negative comments on Shreys post came from Chinese – but given the ratio of CMIO in Sg, we thought we saw Chinese privilege. It’s there, but at the same time, there are a whole lot of people who are simply ignorant about geography, history and cultural heritage, not all Chinese, but most, Singaporean.
I stopped talking about the geography of where my forefathers came from, the struggles they faced there and here, our clothes (not Bollywood), food and customs, which are ever evolving, because I realise people who dont already know, are simply not interested. It’s too much for them to take in. They have a box they’ve put me in and I was simply making them uncomfortable when I tried to expand it.
I make it a habit to ask Chinese folks (some) where their forefathers were from, and to tell me more about their cultural heritage, as in the ‘dialect’ group, and most have no clue. I see it’s mainly the Peranakan Chinese who have some sort of pride in heritage.
So who’s fault is this?
Perhaps we, the minorities who know and are in love with the rich (really, when you hear the stories), heritage of how we became who we are, are simply trying to bring this into the melting pot that Singapore is meant to be. CMIO on a non legislative level, isn’t just about race, it’s about culture. And maybe that’s all it takes – understanding and respecting each individual’s unique and wildly different cultural backgrounds.
I truly hope we can put one foot forward from this incident and make progress in understanding each other, starting from believing our stories and being interested in our forefathers’ stories…

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