Somewhere the Fates are laughing

Somewhere the Fates are laughing. I’ve had a bad allergic reaction to something carried on some of the weather fronts pushing through the area – the whole magilla: stuffy head, coughing, runny nose… all the fun stuff. However, while this is a fairly common situation, something has happened that has never happened before.
I have lost my voice. I cannot say a word, or even make a squeak.
For those of you who know me, you can imagine how traumatic this is. If I were honest, however, I’d tell the truth – it’s sort of relaxing. I don’t feel badly, don’t hurt – just a lot of coughing up gunk and a lot more nose-blowing, but aside from those, I’m fine.
The Husband is taking wonderful care of me, asking what I want – and, truth be told, probably enjoying the quiet! Neither the dog nor the cat know what’s going on and both regard me with a mixture of question and suspicion.
This might go on for a while. The Husband researched laryngitis and found that it might take 6 weeks to clear up. I intend to be very careful, as I don’t want to do anything that might injure my singing voice. He better enjoy it while it lasts!

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  1. Sometimes it is a lesson to be quite. I had that happen two years ago, and I use my voice to make a living. But you’re right- it’s a weird kind of freedom- forces us inward. Heals some jagged nerves!!! Relax and enjoy it my darling!

    1. Thank you, my sweet sister. Since I don’t feel bad I’m kind of enjoying it. The Husband, however, needs to work on his understanding of lip-reading and charades! I’ve taken to carrying a notepad and pen around the house…

    1. Thanks, but I really don’t feel bad… just can’t make a sound… which, as you know, is a very alien situation for a May!

  2. AAAAAA! Get well right away! I am sure The Husband will need instructions at some point! 😉 I had laryngitis that set in the day of my high school graduation and had to just smile at everything . . . it probably made for a better experience. That lasted two days. So you probably will only have this for a day or two. If it does last more than a couple of days, see an ENT and they can spray something in there to make things work better. Here’s hoping you are talking again before Monday!

    1. Thanks, but I’m sort of enjoying this enforced silence – sort of like a retreat. There’s no pain, except for a slight scratchiness from so much coughing, but even it is really nothing. And The Husband is so solicitous… At least I don’t have a job where I have to talk. My characters don’t care if I’m silent or not, as long as I spell their names correctly.

  3. I’m glad we got to visit before this malady. At least your hands still work so just speak Italian.

    1. Me, too! It would have been horrible to see you and your lovely lady and not be able to make a sound. That was such a lovely visit! Again soon, please –

    1. Maybe. But I’ve had this every few years since childhood, which was a couple of generations ago…

    1. Yes, The Husband is very attentive. I am practically drowning in iced green tea during the day and my coffee in the mornings. It does help.

  4. Susan, can you swallow? I had a virus over forty years ago on one of my vocal chords, and it took a long time to regain my voice. Since then, sometimes I have difficulty swallowing.

  5. Oh, my, so sorry. My husband thinks it’s hilarious when that happens to me every few years. My cousins just left here and they’re now sick with the same thing. It’s definitely going around whatever it is.

  6. Okay. I never had coughing. My voice just disappeared. I was talking, then I wasn’t

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