The Brown International Advanced Research Institute

The Brown International Advanced Research Institute, 2017
My colleague, the political scientist Ashutosh Varshney, and I mounted a summer workshop on “Ethnic Conflict and Inequality in Global Perspective” as one part of this year’s Brown International Advanced Research Institute (BIARI) program. I am very proud of this collaborative effort which is among the most gratifying tasks that I undertake here at Brown University.
Our workshop participants were younger scholars in the social sciences haling from nearly two-dozen developing countries on five continents. They came to Providence for two weeks of intense intellectual exchanges which provided a thorough exploration of the concepts and empirical evidence produced by contemporary scholars that relates to conflict, inequality, and ethnicity around the world, with a particular focus on examining context-specific data while producing insights that generalize to other cases. The 21 lectures which they heard over the course of the program were supplemented by panel discussions on pressing contemporary cases, and by the participants’ individual research presentations.
Our BIARI institute on ethnic conflict and inequality is, to my knowledge, the best program of its kind being consistently produced anywhere in the world (this was our fourth consecutive year and our workshop now has more than 100 alumni scattered all across the developing world!) Here are a few photos depicting our program in action.

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