The History of Labor Day (US)

The History of Labor Day (US)
Labor Day was celebrated for the first time in New York City in 1882. It was originally celebrated on September 5th but was moved to the first Monday in September in 1884. Labor Day started out as a state holiday, getting voted in by individual states. As the day gained popularity, Congress declared Labor Day 1894.
1. Labor Day is much more than just a day off of work. It started with Peter McGuire, who is considered the Father of the Labor Day holiday, according to Purple Trail. He was an Irish-American pioneer unionist who wanted citizens that “labored” all year long be acknowledged and have a day to relax.
2. Oregon was the first state to make Labor Day a holiday. This happened in 1887, five years after the first parade.
3. It was President Grover Cleveland who decided the first Monday of every September would be set aside to celebrate Labor Day. The move came during a railroad strike.

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