Thinking about #DACA and #LaborDay

Thinking about #DACA and #LaborDay.
Thinking that this day was fought for and won by first generations of #immigrants who put value into one version of #theamericandream: the rights for fair labor (capped hours and weekends to touch on the most obvious) and fair labor wages. A number of those immigrants would today be identified today as DACA.
Thinking about how Labor Day was born by #Radicals, some of whom I hold close and dear to me, particularly my grandma, #BellaKaplow. Thinking about the differentiation between #labor and #capitalism and that what this day holds is the possibility for all to work and have a #safehome, a #healthyfamily, a #strongeducation and a #thrivingculture.
Thinking that one way to honor this day for those #notlaboring is to figure out what we can do to support our #Dreamers.
Would love if you would share what you learn in the comments below.

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