Today someone told me my Instagram Story videos were very intense and too powerful

Today someone told me my Instagram Story videos were very intense and too powerful. Last week someone told me I shouldn’t smile so much because it comes off as fake and unauthentic
I think both are hilarious. People are quick to judge me and tell me how to be without ever considering that how they see me has everything to do with them.
I’ll take the “too powerful” as an awesome compliment, and will completely ignore the smile comment. No one can dim my shine because they don’t know how to access theirs
Moral of the story: I’m going to keep doing me and I respect you doing you. In the meantime, don’t tell me how to be based on what you’d prefer and/or pretend that you know me through the narrow lense of social media. I despise labels and boxes.
I am not here to entertain you or fulfill your expectations. I am here to be me. And that is more than enough

95 thoughts on “Today someone told me my Instagram Story videos were very intense and too powerful

  1. You do know what this means??? Your about to expand to new levels. Many more weird comments will come, but keep doing you and spread love.

  2. I especially love your last paragraph✨

    It’s my belief that people expect entertainment and expectation as a symptom to this growing individualism that stems from this technological era. A sense of entitlement has been born and like weeds are popping up in the social fabric of one asserting their opinion over the other. There is this refined language too that has developed and it even gets the message across in the most covert ways. Put across carefully with the intention of being “helpful”. None the less it’s “my self serving prophesy over yours”…. you can take it or leave it. glad to see you are leaving it.

    A vessel to hear, consider, meditate on, feel where any honesty is for you, and come through without any defensiveness choosing what is in alignment for you.

    I have been practicing this type of non-attachment, self reflection or whatever the fuck you wanna call it (me being authentic ) and there is so much strength and growth in heart just by simply observing. Then you see through it and straight into yourself; The miracle grow ingredient!

    This authenticity talk as well is becoming a bit boring lol! People are preaching authenticity toward each other and as much as I see some people may struggle with copy cat tendencies until they find their own Flow, authenticity is not something people can define or dictate to one another! Some people are authentically not authentic for crying out loud!…my mum taught me to be caring, kind and happy, my heart likes it that way, i smile and I authentically hold the light when others share their pain or anger with me….being authentic in that situation can be that you cry or you get mad or being authentic can mean that in spite or despite those feelings, your belief system is to vibrate at a frequency just above that to promote healing for everyone.

  3. You are literally teaching them HOW to access it. But they’re so focused on what’s wrong with the message and how it’s not aligning to what they want they’re not hearing it!? It would be Sad if it weren’t so funny- That’s another lesson for us. Keep going- you’ll speak to those who can see past what’s different than them and soak in what they can relate to simultaneously :). You inspire me. You’re lovely. Some people really suck. Thank you for giving us all permission and a path to be strong within our talents and spread the love ❀️

  4. Seriously, who makes comments like that as if they own you and have the right tell you what to do or not do in *your* Instagram posts? Keep doing you Amber – you are awesome and inspiring!

  5. Right On Girl!!! I love how you tell it like it is…I’m the same way! Enough of …she is too this or that…just be you just the way you are! XO!!!

  6. See it as inspiration to be yourself even more πŸ™‚
    How people see the world is a reflection of who they are, and usually many minds are lost with fleeting judment/scattered junk-thought, some are simply still making sense of the world still trying to label all they see, just be authentic you and others do theirs, shine on crazy diamond πŸ˜‰

  7. The smile comment is crazy crazy …. I’ve only watched you with JP and you both came across as playful and fun. Really like what you are both doing πŸ™‚ Didn’t see inauthentic or intense, I guess we all look through our own filters πŸ™‚

    1. yes, we all have our own filters and thats how we project our own stuff onto others claiming it’s their issue when it’s actually ours.

  8. Amber I have met you and worked with you personally so I can confirm that this the natural you. So don’t change that for anyone. Also some people are naturally threatened by someone so mentally strong , with positive self driven, emotionally balance outlooks. It puts them out of their comfort zone. Instead of trying to embrace it and except that we are all different. I my travelling experience you find that different cultures have very varied degrees of how the express themselves. Comparing American cultural expression to people from Eastern Europe is like night and day. Social conditioning perhaps what you could call it. Anyway hope this makes sense to some people. Just be yourself Amber. X

  9. Abby be who you are because you are a wonderful person ❀️. Don’t let the haters get to you.

    1. Haha John your so sweet – but this is a post from a beautiful sister whom I know! That message though applies directly here. Amber proud of you girl for standing your ground!

      Your a phenomenal being with a heart of gold. I know you know this but I still want to say it.

      You are a divine, limitless, magical woman. Thank you for stepping into who you are and shining it into the world ❀️

  10. Well I love your stuff so you effect me very positively
    I’m so glad you’re you!!
    And I’ll keep being me loving you.

  11. I here you Amber, I wrote a funny satirical story on my Facebook and a number of people accused me of a wide variety of things completely missing the story. The more public one expresses themselves or views the more you get exposed to this kind of stuff. I find it amusing and sad for the condemning parties. Keep smiling!

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