Today’s episode of My Hero Academia was absolutely amazing

Today’s episode of My Hero Academia was absolutely amazing! The best single episode of anime I’ve ever reviewed for the IGN Anime Club!
I always believed in it, but I can’t think of the last time it was so obvious that the conversation around a show would change as dramatically as it did here.
With this episode, My Hero Academia feels like it has truly arrived. It’s stomping its foot on the ground, pounding its chest, and daring any of its peers to offer an emotional rollercoaster this tremendous in this way. It’s saying making its voice heard across the world and as All Might would say, it’s telling the whole anime world that “I am here!”

18 thoughts on “Today’s episode of My Hero Academia was absolutely amazing

  1. You pretty much said exactly what the Anime News Network review said of the episode. The review said it was the single best anime episode they had ever reviewed for the site

  2. Nah man. I only noticed because I literally read that review 2 minutes before I saw your post. I thought it must be an amazing episode if two people said the same thing.

  3. I had to say the same thing because that reviewer is 100 percent right and i couldn’t have said it better myself.

  4. To be fair I’ve also seen season 1 three times already. It’s something about this show I can’t get out of my head. I like it more than any of the big 3 and it’s only got 20 episodes.

  5. I like anime with fewer episodes myself. So I won’t have to keep up with all of the overly long storylines including the filler arcs.

  6. I’m usually the complete opposite. I love insanely long running shows because I get to enoy them for so long. Most shows that end after a single coeur leave me wanting more.

  7. I have no doubt. Solid story telling on all fronts and a faithful adaptation of its manga. As long as Hori stays in good health and keeps up for bnha I don’t see it stopping any time soon.

  8. It was an amazing episode , but just felt like a copy and paste of the manga. As someone who reads it and watches it, I expect the anime to be a bit different. I mean the fight just did not feel intense at all. As a shounen anime there wasn’t the oh crap moment in this episode. You know the moment of realization when a character goes oh crap . Well there was endeavor just suddenly screaming “Shoto!!”. This episode just lack any intensity . The soundtrack was alright but where is that Yuki Hayashi music that we all love. It was animated well but just lacked something. When the chapter came out , it was heavily conveyed that Midoriya was the real hero of the fight freeing todoroki . But that didn’t really happen.

    1. As a guy who didn’t read the manga I think I just appreciated it more. But it’s okay if you feel that way.

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