When you think that people will judge you

When you think that people will judge you. When you let fear stop you from sharing your STORY, you miss out on connecting with people like this. I have been stepping up and reaching out to people. And the response that I get and the stories that I have read are incredible.
Don’t EVER let ANYONE try to convince you that Beachbody is oversaturated. There are 300M people in the US alone..and less than 400k coaches… we ain’t even scratched the service. Next stop: the UK.
Don’t ever let anyone CONVINCE you that Social Media is the devil and ALL negativity! There is plenty of people that share positivity and send positive vibes everyday, you just have to look for it.. it’s there!
Share your story and be proud of it… it gives others hope!
I will never apologize for my boldness.
I will never apologize for being REAL, AUTHENTIC and LEADING from the front.
I may not do things the way others do or the way that meets EVERYONE’s needs and expectations, but I show up everyday and KNOW I can make a difference. I have, I still am and I will continue.
These types of stories remind me that no second spent in this “job” has been a waste.
I am here to inspire others and help them get results.

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