Why are they not facing repercussions

Why are they not facing repercussions…besides social media “backlash” and possibly not getting invited to a network New Years Eve party? I don’t mind if you don’t like our president. You can protest and have your freedom of speech. But it is this kind of behavior that wrecks the unity we’ve worked so hard for. John Adams said free speech was meant for a moral society..these folks should be reprimanded by the law, not their PR rep. Very disturbing where we’re are as a nation right now.

28 thoughts on “Why are they not facing repercussions

  1. Hollywood needs a financial wake up call. Don’t see their movies and don’t hold them up on a pedestal. They are evil in so many ways and worse…they don’t care. What would have happened if anyone of them were treated like this.

  2. I disagree…I don’t think we hold them high enough. They are put on a pedestal…can do no wrong.
    Many see themselves as untouchable, God’s gift to humanity…they do have power and influence and SHOULD be held to a standard of decency and morality, but that won’t happen. Instead, let’s just deflect to how terrible trump is…Orrr we could talk about how his poor kiddo saw that picture, and being 11 didn’t know if it was fake!

  3. What about my girls who heard 45 say on t.v. that if you are rich, you can kiss them whenever you want and grab them by the pussy? The reporter was fired and people elect the person who said it president. If we truly want a standard of decency, then he would never have been elected. I’m not defending her at all, but why are we also not up in arms about the crazy crap our president spews on a daily basis?

  4. If you don’t see the difference between something said in private that wasn’t suppose to be made public and years before he even thought about becoming president than you are part of the problem with the people today.

    1. And, it sounds like, years before he became an active Christian and started making personal changes.

  5. Boy, if I were condemned for every stupid thing I’ve ever said…..I know I’ve said and done things in my past, that I would never want people knowing about now. I’m sure, if I were a celebrity, those things would surface. The important thing is, I’ve changed! I’ve grown!

  6. I could post a lot of videos that he has said in public and in office, but Trump supporters excuse EVERYTHING he does. I agree that I wouldn’t want to be condemned for everything I did either! So why do we fire celebrities for saying stupid things but it’s ok for a president?

  7. Has he threatened to murder or rape someone? I certainly don’t agree with everything he does, but he is the president of this fine country. The sooner we unify on that point, the sooner we get on with doing great things for our country and discussing real issues instead of just being “nasty” towards each other. Guys can be idiots with the locker room talk, and if I recall he said if you’re famous you could “kiss them and grab them..” you know…I don’t think he said he actually did treat a woman that way. And however awful that sounds, it’s also accurate…men in power do exactly that ALL.THE.TIME. does it make it right? No. Dies that minimize sexual assault? No. But it’s also an accurate portrayal of a large number of men in Hollywood or rock bands, and yes, politicians… the fact HE is the one who was recorded saying it does not mean he is an exceptional example of pigheadedness. It means he was recorded saying something stupid.

  8. I wince at the thought of letting my girls even watch the super bowl half time show. No decency anywhere it seems..especially on TV. If either of your girls watched 13 Reasons , I guarantee they saw and heard way worse than anything Trump has probably ever said.

  9. If we are gonna bring up his past comments let’s bring up hillarys. Tend to forget she has a nasty mouth. I don’t even like trump never have but Hillary lol No!! To what this bad comedian and what she did. What would happen if one of us did this? Or would have for the past 8 yrs. No free passes anymore.

  10. Deflection – the question is why are they held to a standard of decency that our president isn’t? He represents our country on a worldwide level. By the way, I watched 13 Reasons. Yes it was disturbing, but it’s exactly the type of culture the president is modeling by saying what he has about women.

  11. Sexual assault? For real? I bet lots of people have let Donald trump do that with their full consent–is it sexual assault then? Just because it’s vulgar doesn’t make it assault.

    1. Grabbing someone or kissing someone without their consent is sexual assault. Don’t care what he does with someone’s consent!

  12. There’s saying something stupid…..then there’s blatant threats to his safety. That’s a whole other level.

  13. As I have said, her actions were absolutely inappropriate and disgusting. However, she by no means threatened his life or safety no more than when Trump stupidly said that he could shoot a person on 5th Avenue in broad daylight and still have voters! I think the problem with this discussion is that it’s ok to hold some people accountable but by no means can you criticize something Trump says or does. That’s the problem!

  14. Jodi Kent bengazi is history. There were other people calling those shots. Sad that the men died. How about we all focus on what we can fix in the country.
    Who’s on board for feeding the homeless and hungry children in this country. The food insecure. Homeless men sleep in groups down by KC city hall. It’s called Rat Camp. The large rats crawl up from the gutters at night. They gnaw on the men’s sleeping bags.
    That seems more beneficial to our hearts, too help solve that problem.

  15. You didn’t read my comment. He said “grab her you know what”. I’m saying that as rich as that man is, you don’t think any woman has ever let him grab her you know what? Ask some professional athletes and they will tell you that women throw themselves at them so he probably could do what he said and it’s not without consent. Maybe not to that woman, that day but to other women–I’m sure! Again, he’s crude and vulgar but that’s still not sexual harassment. Oh, thinking and talking about what you want to do with a women–also not harassment or tons or men would be locked up!

  16. Let’s look at it this way.. if it were a white man in a white robe with a pointed white hat holding the bloodied head of a black man, no matter whose head, this person would be arrested! Not cut from sponsorship, not called out on twitter.. arrested!

  17. Angela Cutter walking into a dressing room where teenagers are not clothed, talking about your infant daughters body sexually, talking about your grown daughters body and sexuality. Call him what you will, he is vulgar and disgusting, none of his supporters seem to care, remember ‘I could stand in the middle of 5th avenue and shoot someone and wouldn’t lose any votes’ remember him mocking a disabled man? Remember when he cheated on both of his former wives? It’s fairly entertaining watching people be called ‘snowflakes’ and ‘sensitive’ when really any time 45 does something idiotic (at least daily) he’s got drones crying out how unfair it is to our poor president!

  18. I never saw those..but yes, they should have been arrested! I was not an Obama fan, but I respect the office he was”elected” into.

  19. This went on relentlessly for eight years. Very few were punished. The right even rallied behind Ted Nugent when he suggested shoving a gun up Obama’s and Hillary’s asses. They cheered him. He suffered no consequences and was hailed a hero by the NRA and conservatives everywhere. That being said, I despise what Griffin did, and I do believe she should lose jobs/endorsements/etc. I’ve seen no one on the left support her actions or call her a hero. Most of us are mortified and disgusted. She does not represent us, and we want that made clear. I do not like Trump. I think he’s an awful human being – and did long before he even ran for the office – but never is that what I would wish on him or anyone else. The hypocrisy of the right to cheer on the likes of Nugent, and then call for Griffin to be arrested and charged, is astounding.

  20. I appreciate your sentiment. I would have been upset at the former as well. It’s disturbing that some think it is acceptable to be so hateful and offensive.

  21. I think we all agree on the inexcusable behavior. That is common ground. I think what is upsetting is when we only condemn the behavior when it is against someone we support. Trump has a double standard on this. He was outraged with kathy Lee, but here is his statement when Ted Nugent threatened Obama and he was invited to the White House…
    Nugent demonstrated “the anger people have towards” then–President Obama, even if his “figure of speech” was a bit “unfortunate.” Does he not care Obama’s girls heard Nugent’s threats?

  22. I agree…has Obama spoken it against it? You know, in defense of trump or for Barron’s sake? If so, I missed it and would respect that.

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