Wow, 2 years ago today I met these amazing people at the Big Social Media Conference in Manchester.
That conference had a massive impact on quite a few people here – including myself. Thanks to John Ashcroft for putting it on.
I got to see the wonderful Lilach Bullock, Jenny Brennan and Emeric Ernoult again. And I got to meet Samantha Kelly, Julia Bramble, Mari Smith, Christopher Dilts, Melonie Dodaro and Liz Azyan for the first time!
So much has happened since that conference and I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to meet all these guys – all of whom have had a big impact on me!
Here’s to the next two years! 🙂

11 thoughts on “Wow

    1. It was amazing. And the catalyst for so many amazing things! Thanks so much for putting it on and for involving me in it!

    1. Of course, Ineke. I forgot that I had met you in Manchester too. I remember us hanging out a lot at the SM Summit in Dublin. Hope you forgive me!

    1. How could I have forgotten! I spent more time with you at New Media Europe and SMMW that I forgot I met you there!

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