Wow! Photographer friends beware.
Social media is a great “medium” for advertising, interaction, and networking. The lesson is it can give you so much room to succeed and fail. This lesson may be a setback for Jake Olson, but humility has to be part of our culture.
Every single one of you tagged in this post are beyond talented. Please don’t fall into this photographer’s example. I say this as a reminder to myself, who is no where near the talent tagged, and hopefully a reminder to you all who have followings that truly respect your work.

23 thoughts on “Wow

  1. You’re talented! Never heard of him either. Beware of what though? Nothing he posted or said is in my character at all. He’s a special kind of person (not impressed)

    1. What he posted is not in anyone tagged’s nature!!! I know that at times there have been comments made that I’ve wanted to let loose on them.

  2. Very interesting luckily I’m not supposed to post anything anywhere says my PR person (wife) so I don’t get myself jammed up

  3. Don’t be embarrassed Garth Phoebus I did also a while ago before I found out what kind of a person he really is! I unfollowed really fast, I’ve done it a few time with others also because of the same reasons. it’s a shame… Sometimes it just takes a while before you see the other side of someone.

  4. Just pointing out that this dates back to 2014. A person can redeem themselves. Not excusing him for his behavior in the least as it was truly horrible. Hopefully he has made improvements in his life where he is a better person today.

  5. Thanks for sharing Garth Phoebus. I’m always willing to help a fellow photographer. If I’m a Dick doing it I hope you call my ass out. Keep clicking!

  6. So if Danny Douglas is around I need to put a retina scanner on my camera is what I was told, Right Joseph Heh???

  7. Wow! I would never ever treat or say hateful and degrading things like this to anyone who is trying to better themselves in life or in the fine arts.
    I will never put myself above anybody because at the end of the day we are all humans. And if i have something to say about someone’s work I will kindly message them in private and give my opinion.
    Garth, I love your work as always so keep doing you.

  8. I try to help out when I can. And by no means am I a professional expert. I just try to treat everyone how I like to be treated. And Thanks back at you Bro. ❤️✌

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