You know what pisses me off about these types of people too

You know what pisses me off about these types of people too? They just will not give a fuck who they menace around, will they? I can’t stand most of these people, I haven’t seen many of them in many years and still regardless of the reason why we have to see each other, the very first thing other people did was begin menacing the fuck around and tried to have it go on for a very long time afterwards. I don’t even understand where the people get off getting upset at me because they’re not allowed to menace around me like that anymore? I had to explain to dumb motherfuckers I wasn’t part of their sick crew anymore after the last one of these things went on and it was a very confusing situation as usual where it’s like why do I have to explain this to you? We are grown up now right? We are all adults now right? So why does everyone need to keep explaining these things to you? People who don’t do things like that should never have to be bothered w you and people who want to get away from things like that should have an actual real chance, not some fucked up bullshit lie of one. That’s what bothers me. When people bring their chaos and their trouble around you for as long as you know, you think there’s never any way away from it. And it seems like there may not be.

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