Your body is a holy temple

Your body is a holy temple. It is the compressed Light of your Soul in its most dense form. The degree to which you fully embody your holy body is your capacity to experience ascension in this life now. Not away from and out of your body, but deep within, with your breath and all its sacred senses. Where the entire universe exists.
Go deep. Feel. Breathe. You, as a Soul, are an extension of God / Goddess. You are not separate from Source. This is the grandest illusion we, as a humanity, have believed. The belief that we are separate has created the mass domination and victimization on our planet and the root of our ‘collective dis-ease’. It’s well time for us to begin or deepen the journey of relinquishing the ego and step into the truth of Love, that we are all Divine. Whole and Holy. Here to create Heaven on Earth together. I Am here to BE that with you.

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